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EMC Student Conferences

Thus year we are running student conferences for advanced level language, advanced level Media Studies and Edexcel's Poems of the Decade

Dan, Claire and Emma are busy working on the programmes for the London conferences for 2024-25. We’re also delighted that Dan will once again be organising Language A Level conferences in Macclesfield. So far the following are confirmed dates:

  • emagazine Language Conference, Wednesday 20th November, Friends House, London
  • emagazine Poems of the Decade Conference, Thursday 5th December, Friends House, London.

Price per ticket

  • The price for our London conferences is £25 per student, with one free teacher place as follows: 1-9 students = 1 free teacher place; 10-19 students = 2 free teacher places and so on.

New booking process for 24-25

  • To ensure all schools have the chance to book tickets for their students, we have made some changes to the booking process for student conferences. We’re no longer keeping a ‘Let me know when tickets will be available’ list. We'll announce the date tickets go on sale via email, social media and online, three days before bookings open. 
  • We’ll email before the end June with details of the new process, so you are up to speed with how things will work before you need to book.