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Non-fiction Shorts for KS3 (Hard copy & downloadable resource)

A pupil book with a diverse range of non-fiction texts from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries with activities designed to help pupils to develop the skills they will need for GCSE. From a look at what the latest research tells us about the sleeping teenage brain to hilarious advertisements for 19th-century quack cures, the texts have been carefully selected to appeal to this age group and to suit a range of abilities.

Key Aspects

  • Build pupils’ skills and stamina with a huge range of texts to amuse, inspire and provoke discussion.
  • Activities on 19th-century texts are designed to build pupils’ knowledge and understanding of historical context.
  • Use texts singly, or teach a collection of thematically linked extracts with comparison work.
  • Activities include big picture and close reading activities, and encourage both personal and critical responses. 
  • Opportunities for a range of group, pair and individual work, as well as critical and creative writing.

Additional Materials

Additional materials for KS3 Non-fiction Shorts are included with this publication and will be added to your account when you buy it online. Go to My Account, then navigate to Our Downloads (if signed into an Educator or Overseas account) or My Downloads (if signed into a UK Individual Teacher – Home Address Only or UK Private Individual account). 



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Non-fiction Shorts for KS3 (Hard copy & downloadable resource)
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