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Just Write – EMC Let Them Loose (Hard copy workbook)

Over the last three years EMC’s Just Write has captured the imagination and enthusiasm of 1000s of young writers and their teachers.

This beautifully-illustrated student workbook for Year 7 offers 44 writing activities drawing on the principles of creativity, freedom and choice. 

From speeches to poems, playscripts to novel openings, this is a workbook both to harness pupils’ enthusiasm for writing and to develop their writing ‘muscles’!

Just Write: Non-fiction

  1. Would you rather…
  2.  It makes me so angry!
  3. I’d like to thank…
  4. Opposite day
  5. If I were prime minister
  6. The Survivor’s Handbook
  7. If I ruled the school
  8. All in a good cause

Just Write: Fiction

  1. Picture this
  2. The random problem generator
  3. A writer’s advice
  4. Alien invasion
  5. Picture prompt

Just Write: From Life

  1. Let’s get personal
  2. Future you
  3. What’s in a name?
  4. My life as an animal
  5. True stories
  6.  In my own words – literally
  7. A different view

Just Write: Poetry

  1. Reasons to be cheerful
  2. Borrowing from a text
  3. First to last
  4. A recipe for disaster
  5. A new favourite song

Just Write: Drama

  1. An interesting question
  2. Two characters meet
  3. What happened in the wings?
  4. Opening scene

Just Write: Inspired by a Novel

  1. A different ending
  2. Put yourself in the book
  3. The two-minute pitch
  4. Play the game
  5. Go graphic
  6. Interview with a writer   

Just Write: Your Own Way

  1. Writing from fragments
  2. Three answers
  3. A lipogram in ‘e’
  4. A dramatic event
  5. A different purpose
  6. Change the genre
  7. I live here
  8. Write to the end
  9. About the author   

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Just Write – EMC Let Them Loose (Hard copy workbook)
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