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Write On (Hard copy workbook)


Write On extends students’ Just Write adventures into Year 9 and beyond.

  • The same spirit of freedom and experimentation.
  • The same high-quality design.
  • Greater level of challenge – perfect preparation for the rigours of GCSE.

44 new creative tasks to encourage students to develop their writing muscles, including:

  • A fearsome critic
  • A festival of your own
  • Ghostwriter
  • Looking to the future
  • Happy times
  • Manifesto for power
  • #smileyface #sadface
  • The science of genre
  • Dishing the dirt on genre
  • Beginnings and endings
  • Working with fragments
  • Changing a classic
  • Creative constraints

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If you have already bought class sets of Just Write and would now like to buy Write On, please contact [email protected] (including your invoice or order number) for a special discount code.

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Write On (Hard copy workbook)
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