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EMC Novel Project

Mayfield English Department discuss taking part in the EMC Novel Project and the impact on their teaching.

In September 2018 EMC worked with teachers in Mayfield School in East London on a small classroom research project on teaching a novel at KS3. It was part of our wider project, ‘It’s Good to Talk'. The report has been widely read and shared at conferences and in EMC blogs. It has been having an impact on the way some schools are thinking about teaching texts at KS3, with many deciding to change their practices as a result. Just over one year on, we decided to go back to talk to the teachers at Mayfield about the longer term impact the project has had on their students, their teaching, their planning and their ways of thinking about KS3. Here is the 35 minute edited film of the interview.

Thanks to Rob Jehan for the filming and editing.