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EMC Approaches to Worlds & Lives – Full Publication (Download)

A downloadable resource to support the teaching of AQA’s new Worlds and Lives cluster for AQA GCSE.

Through this resource EMC’s aims are for students to:

  • Really enjoy the poems and the study of them
  • Learn about the ‘terms of engagement’ for the reading and study of poetry as a genre, learning to recognise what’s special about it
  • Build up independence and confidence in the reading and critical analysis of poetry
  • Develop understanding of how expert readers, academics and critics write about poetry
  • Respond in increasingly sophisticated and mature ways to both studied and unseen poems.

To achieve these aims, we believe that the approach to the poems in the anthology should provide plenty of opportunities for students to :

  • Range around the anthology, exploring what makes each poem special in relation to the others
  • Explore their own, authentic responses and deepen them through high quality classroom dialogue
  • Read, write and think independently
  • Make choices of poems to pair with each other
  • Explore big ideas about the nature of poetry
  • Understand more about how poems work by writing creatively as well as critically.

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