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EMC Approaches to Rhetoric – A Practical Introduction for 11-14 (EMC_Free, Download)

From campaigners to influencers and advertisers to politicians, we are surrounded by skilled rhetoricians seeking to manipulate our beliefs, exploit our support or persuade us to part with our money. The ability to use language skilfully and subtly to communicate our point effectively, to defend or advocate for ourselves in speech and writing, in the real and digital worlds, is vital.

This free download resource aims to give students the knowledge and confidence to analyse critically the rhetoric of others and to develop their own rhetorical skills. More than this, it aims to enthuse students for rhetoric, and language more generally, sparking their interest both in the origins of the art of rhetoric and the role it continues to play in their everyday lives.

The focus is very much on ‘doing’ rhetoric – active, creative approaches to support students in developing their abilities both to analyse and to make use of rhetoric. Practical activities are set in the context of some light-touch information about the origins of rhetoric and its continued importance, drawing on speeches from throughout history, right up to the present day. Throughout the resource, Professor Arlene Holmes-Henderson from Durham University and the Classical Association provides the Greek and Latin etymology of both key rhetorical terms and words in everyday usage.

With thanks to the Arts and Humanities Research Council for funding this publication, enabling us to make it available free of charge. 

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EMC Approaches to Rhetoric – A Practical Introduction for 11-14 (EMC_Free, Download)
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