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EMC_Free Revision-in-Action: GCSE Poetry for AQA – Love and Relationships (Download)

Designed to help your students reach their full potential in their final exams, this is a free downloadable version of EMC’s Revision-in-Action student workbook for the AQA GCSE Literature 'Love and Relationships' poetry cluster.

Revision-in-Action – Love and Relationships encourages students to test out and explore how the knowledge they have developed in lessons interacts with their own ideas. By the time they have worked their way through the workbook, they will be much more confident about how to put to good use everything they know about the poems in an exam situation.

The booklet enables students to do the following:

  • Identify poems they need to work on further
  • Form links between different poems
  • Focus on language, structure, voice and form
  • Develop personal response
  • Home in on what’s important about a poem
  • Encapsulate what a whole poem is about
  • Practise planning
  • Explore different ways to start a critical response
  • Revise using a range of strategies
  • Generate ideas about each poem.

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EMC_Free Revision-in-Action: GCSE Poetry for AQA – Love and Relationships (Download)
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